Doodling my mind away

As long as I can remember I have been doodling. The blank spaces above a pad's first line and to the left of the vertical margin have been worthy canvasses for my art. Whether it's caricatures, abstracts, war scenes, or others, there is no better way to pass time while being in class or sitting in some conference session of worthless value.

This is not necessarily to say that I'm not paying attention or I am distracted. If notes are not worthy of taking, doodling actually enables me to listen without external interruptions. I do have to admit I do far less doodling in grad school than I ever did in middle/high school and undergrad. Classes are much more engaging and require my full participation.

There are times nontheless that, regardless of what it is I'm doing, my pen will just mindlessly wander away. I can't help it.

Created: 5/30/2007