Project β

Why so cryptic? Well, privacy is important even for someone with an online "blog." More than anything, I do not want to deal with the additional pain and heartache if the named project is unsuccessful and that's what leads me to be somewhat secretive about it.

So, instead of saying what it is, I will say what it is not:

1. Not testing: this is not a product or software launch or testing for anything of the like even though there will be tons of testing throughout the project.
2. Not a measure of volatility relative to the market: although market movements either help or hurt the funding efforts, this project is unrelated to any particular stock's or fund's beta.
3. Not second to anything: in the Greek alphabet beta comes after alpha, but this project comes second to none as far as I am concerned.

That's as far as betas go anyway. The list of what this is not is quite large of course. It is not a place, it is not a thing, Twenty Questions anyone?

Created: 8/24/2009