Wanted: Time to Read

Of course, time is the ultimate thing to wish for - the thing I want the most. An endless supply of time would allow me to do everything and anything I wanted to do (assuming money is no object which it sometimes is). Thereíd be no task too long to perform. Thereíd be no activity tradeoffs. An endless supply of time would solve many problems. What would it be like to have the plight of a vampireís immortality without the nightly bloodlust? One can only imagine.

I guess from where Iím standing things might seem worse, time more constrained, because of school. Over the past two years and for one more to go, classes and assignments have and will occupy what little time is left after work. My writing has suffered too, although you can see by this post and others which of the two disciplines I prefer. Thing is, although I enjoy reading, thereís a threshold of tolerance which, once breached, turns me off from any additional reading. I get tired of it and picking up a book becomes the last thing on my mind.

To say that I havenít read anything worth mentioning in the past 2-3 years would be ridiculous. I canít wait to cube on Freakanomics, The Fair Tax Book, and Traders, Guns, and Money amongst others. These are incredibly entertaining and enlightening pieces of non-fiction. I guess I have my mind on my money and my money on my mind lately. Such is the life of an MBA student I suppose.

Unfortunately, Iíve taken a sabbatical from Fiction. I cannot remember the last novel I read - itís been that long. It had to be something by Stephen King - a pretty safe bet. Since then, Iíve purchased or have received as gifts at least three of his latest books. They sit idly on a bookcase Ė their hardcover pages crisp and untouched. One day Iíll get to them. One dayÖ

Anyway, I just had to deflower this cube topic because I have been feeling personally embarrassed that, while I canít seem to stop writing movie or flavor cubes, this category has been completely overlooked. It has really made me feel like a bit of a low-brow. After all, reading is an incredibly important cornerstone in mind development and an activity I enjoy very much. So I hope this serves as motivation to finish the book Iím currently reading and post my first comments on it. With 3-4 weeks of school left this semester, Iím beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Created: 3/27/2008