Rodrigo D: No Futuro

For those not in the know (most) the title is an homage to a Colombian film perhaps one of the first widely viewed Colombian films (within the country's borders anyway) that I can remember. Despite this fact, the film (which I never saw) has nothing to do with the cube itself. Well, actually, it's perhaps quite the opposite.

I find it depressing that Future is one of the few topics left without a cube. What does that mean? Have I no thoughts about my future? Is it clouded by the Dark Side of the Force? Is my ability to see it being blocked by an overwhelming amount of tachyons? Geekiness aside, nothing could be farthest from the truth. Yet more than two years after embarking in this writing endeavor, I realize I have written nothing in this cube and I find it troubling. Why has (until now) this been an untouched cube?

The future is something I like to be guarded about. I know what I want and I have the skills and the will to get there. Yet, what if it doesn't come true? And the thing is there are always extraneous factors that can affect certain outcomes. I cannot worry about the things I cannot control, yet those factors are critical.

The future is shrouded in mystery. Life turns on a dime. The last 2 years have shown me that things can be fine one day and then be terribly wrong the next. How does one prepare for these curve balls? No real way. I guess living life to the fullest as responsibly as possible is the real answer. The ones one loves should know it and should be reminded of it at all times. Life is too short to waste it away. One should continue to build and move forward and love every day because the ability to do those things can change in an instant. And when it's too late, well then it's Game Over.

So, with that said, I believe the future is what we make of it today. Everything we do today affects our future. Going to school, working hard, creating a family, loving, etc all these things are things done in the now that can significantly alter one's future.

What does my future hold? I don't know. I know what an idealized future would look like (current version) and I wrote about it for my Ethics class. Maybe one day I will post this very intimate and personal assessment. For now I can quote the G.I. Joe cartoons by saying, "Knowing is half the battle."

Created: 8/24/2009