Dude is this your blog?

So what is this site? Is it a blog? Is it a journal? I donít think so. Blogs and journals need some sort of date structure to them. They are the chronological cataloguing of daily events, ideas, and thoughts. Chronological, linear, structured. This is not good for me Ė not for what this site is to me anyway. You see, my life is structured and analytical and regimented. I like it that way. This is not a gripe. I want this place to be different.

Within the reason for this site lies its structure (or lack thereof). I need a creative outlet Ė desperately. I love to write, but my thoughts are scattered. Blogs are too trendy and irrelevant - everybody has a blog. I donít have a blog, I have cubes. I plan to occasionally and without set schedule deposit thoughts, ideas, pictures, anecdotes, things into these creativity cubes throughout my site. Although they are not necessarily sequential they are grouped by topics Ė thatís the minimum amount of structure I canít live without.

I made this site selfishly for myself as a repository of my thoughts for my own personal use. If you happen to wander in, I hope I made it pretty enough and easy enough for you to navigate through it, but be careful Ė I plan to jump all over the place and it might be hard to keep up. If thatís no biggie, enjoy.

Created: 6/1/2007