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art Doodling my mind away 

beta Project β 

books Wanted: Time to Read 

contact Comment killer 

ASP Mail is for cowards 

dogs Junior 


Can't miss a thing 

A dog by any other name... 

Junior's Adoption Day 

dreams These dreams are made of this 

Border Experiment 

Recurring Classroom Panic 

Last Action Heroine 

A Reunion Clipped Short 

Lock Ness Golf Tourney 

An Audience with the Jonas Brothers 

Granddad's Golden Treasure 

McRest-stop, McRestroom 

family Family Dysfunctionamics 

My Nucleus 

finance First, a Disclaimer 

Riding the Volatility Rollercoaster for Short-Term Gains 

The Perfect Gift for Young Capitalists 

How Low Will it Go? 

food "What do you eat for?" 

One fish, two fish, Redfish: B 

Capital Grille – my favorite place: A+ 

Shiraz? Sirah? Si, por favor 

The Chain Gang 

A Bacchanalia it's not: A- 

You'd be Loco to want Loca Luna: D+ 

Whack-a-mole out of the park: A+ 

Chao Chow Baby: C- 

Linger Longer at the Linger Longer Bar & Grill: A+ 

Two Urban, Too Good, yet Too Loud: A 

Rosa's Atypical Mexicano: A- 

La Dolce Vita if the Price is Right: A 

Eating in Sin 

Six Feet Under – The Restaurant: A- 

J. Christopher's Brunch Place: A 

Just Flipping Burgers: A- 

Everyday Paulista 

future Rodrigo D: No Futuro 

golf The painful birth 

In the Bag 

Is it the Indian or the arrow? 

Bear's Best Atlanta – My Best of the Year: A+ 

A Humbling Sport Indeed 

how Back - A simple, solid, scalable foundation 

Front/GUI - ASP meet Java 

lego The best toy ever created 

An Unmistakable Symbol Says it All... in Legos 

A Cube for a Cube 

A Timely Creation - Building a Clock 

Trendsetting into the mainstream - one block at a time 

An Unmistakable Symbol in Legos and the Right Colors 

movies I caught "the angry:" B+ 

Is Pan’s a labyrinth of the mind? B+ 

Christian Bale debunking Kevin Spacey? A+ 

1408: A 

DVD Lately - Con, Kill, Sacrifice, Eat, Hide 

No "Doh!": A+ 

300 – Déjà vu all over again: A 

Superbad = Supergood (and Halloween is no Halloween): A+ (and C

No cracks on Fracture: A+ 

An Uninspired Breach: B 

Good Candy (…but no Requiem): B (…A+

Black Snake Moan me some Blues: B 

A Cube that Brings Objects to Life: A- 

When Trilogies go bad – My "spidey" senses just spotted a dud: D 

Gridhouse/Planet Terror – exploitative, retro, okay: B+ 

Too Much in Zodiac: C 

Lucky DVD: A 

American Gangster Delivers the Package: A+ 

Death Definitely Not Snooze-Proof: D 

Sickly DVD Marathon - Disturbia a Stranger like Bender, but no Harsh Hairspray 

Get to know Juno: A+ 

I don't like Westerns, but Yuma Delivered: A+ 

The Hottest State of Memories: A 

Eastern Promises not delivered: C- 

No Vacancy: B- 

Saw Them All: A+ 

Sex in the time of Cholera: B+ 

The Dark Side of the Moon: A+ 

No Gorillas in this Mist: A- 

30 Days of Vampires: C 

The Assassination of my time by Jesse James and the coward Robert Ford: D 

Gone Baby Gone Not too Soon: A+ 

There should've been Blood that Night: C and C- 

An Orphanage of Horror: A+ 

George Lucas is not God: D 

Hard (to swallow) Candy: B- 

Some children are from Mars: A 

Catching Up – The Good; Round 1: 

Catching Up – The Not-so-Good; Round 2: 

Wake up before your oil crashes: A+ 

Taken at Twilight, Watchmen Forget Sarah Marshall 

Genius Fighter: A- 

Defrosting Nixon: A 

I'm no Trekkie, but… A+ 

Twitter-like Snippets (to get them out of the way) 

Dem Nazi-killin' Basterds: A- 

Rushing August: B-  

Baby Momma Drama: D 

Bruno – More Damage than Good? A 

music Talk About the Passion 

It's the End of the World as I Know It (And I Feel Conflicted) 

Radio Free Me 

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 

Out of Time - My Gateway to R.E.M. 

Animals in the Rain 

Hey There Plain White T's 

Your Memory Will Carry On 

Monday night King to the sounds of Pink Floyd 

Mississippi-bound with Matt Nathanson 

Water Under the Bridge? Painfully no. 

440 and Nelson during Tenth Grade Trip 

New Adventures in College 

Biting the iBullet 

The Madness Revisited 

Howie Day, will you mod my Xbox? 

Gone Country Times Gone By 

Happy Songs 

news No cubes yet.
past Defining Crossroads 

pc Out with the Old: Technological Overhaul 

people No cubes yet.
photo Picture me this 

In the bag (and the bag) 

Graduating Costs 

Upgrading Opportunity Knocks Twice 

The Wide and Narrow 

places No cubes yet.
politics Treading Dangerous Waters 

Global Warming vs. Gravity 

Not drinking the "Kool-Aid of Change" 

present The nightmare that is insomnia 

January: MIA for a reason 

MIA II: Out of Time 

Back to this program already in progress… 

Under Water's Siege 

Travelling to Australia - Five Lessons Learned 

An Update to Lesson 5 – The Flight Back 

random Grownup Radio 

The Muscle Gets Strained 

Pride only if by Effort 

The Breakdown of Lactose 

Looking Out into the Past and the Big Numbers Within 

Lost in Cartoon Translation 

State of the Cubes (after 200) 

religion What the Pope's visit means to me 

school Year 2 Starts 

ESTJ or ISTJ suit me fine 

Fallout Class 

My Asda is not "Grasda" 

Bullish on Options, I came out way ahead 

The End: Not with a Bang, but with a Whimper 

The First Class 

sites The Web Staples 

TigerNet for Clemson sports 

MarketWatch to Watch the Market 

Blockbuster and IMDb for Movies 

Gamefly for Video Games 

Consumer Reports for the Smart Shopper 

WSB Radio for Boortz 

SaveTube to Rip Videos Out 

Freesound Clips 

Lego Links 

Deal or No Deal 

The Canons on Canon SLRs 

sports On the field, the court, or the course 

When you come calling,... listen 

Back to my Roots 

Another Cycle Starts – Back in Gear 

stories Their Genesis 

A Novel Idea 

tigers An Unmistakable Symbol Says it All 

There's Something in these Hills 

A Great Rivalry Yields the Greatest Highs and Lows 

Ding dong... 

History once again upon us 

Working Hard on Labor Day 

Why Clemson? 

20 down 11:21 to go - I'm down with OP 

Luring the Rat into a Trap: History is made in Littlejohn 

tv No cubes yet.
video Video Killed the Radio Star 

Chuck Norris Approved 

The Dark Side of the Dark Side 

Graduation - The EvMBA Cut 

wants No cubes yet.
what Dude is this your blog? 

where No cubes yet.
who Who are YOU? 

A dime a dozen 

Environment vs Genetics 

No ma'am, it's not me 

Just another Online Citizen 

why Like Drano for a Writer's Block 

A blog-ng time ago 

work No cubes yet.
xbox The Halo Effect 

The Death of the Master Chief… or was it? 

Temporarily Decommissioned 

Who doesn’t want to be a Rock Star? A+ 

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